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Ion™ 1500 DC Magnetron Power Supply

Ion™ Series DC Power Supplies Sales Brochure PS 700 11/19 Rev. I


  •  Superior Arc Detection & Suppression -  < 100 nsecs (.1 µ secs) Response Time - < 1 mJ Arc Energy
  •  500 watt, 1000 watt & 1500 watt Output Power Versions
  •  Adjustable Arc Detection Delay & Off Time Before Restarting
  •  Voltage, Current & Power Regulation Modes
  •  Adjustable Power Ramping
  •  Adjustable Run Timer
  •  Extremely Precise Resolution and Run to Run Repeatability
  •  Stored Target Parameters for Up to 7 Separate Targets
  •  kWHr Counting & Time Limit
  •  RS-232 & Analog Communication Capability
  •  Wide 0-1000 Volt Range Compared to 0-800 volts Supplied by Competitors - Full Rated Power can be Applied Under Nearly all Conditions
  •  Stable operation down to 20 watts for non-reactive processes
  •  Suitable for use as a substrate bias power supply up to 1000V
  •  Large Impedance Range - No Transformer Tap Changes Are Necessary to Operate Across Entire Range
  •  Compact, low profile chassis -Saves rack space
  •  2 Year Warranty
  •  CE, ETL/NRTL Compliant


Arc Damage is Virtually Eliminated When Arc Detection & Suppression is Activated - Watch the Video

Click here for Adobe Flash .swf files  or Click here for Microsoft Media Player .mp4 files to download & play flash video of Ion 1500 and Polaris Source in Operation -
still images from this video shown below




Hard arc on Al target in O2 environment on
3" Polaris™ source - no arc suppression








Same view & conditions as above, but with
plasma re-igniting - arcing is still decaying








Arc suppression of Ion™ 1500 working in same
environment & conditions - producing a stable
plasma & good target utilization with negligible
arc induced damage.






Ion™ DC Magnetron Power Supplies

Input Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Input Phase 1 phase
Input Voltage 100 - 250 VAC (lower VAC may limit output)
Input Current 13.7 amps maximum
Power Factor > 0.98
Input Power Consumption 1.75 kW
Output Power 1500 watts; 1000 watts; 500 watts
Output Power @ 1000 volts 1500 watts; 1000 watts; 500 watts
Output Power @ 500 volts 1500 watts; 1000 watts; 500 watts
Output Power @ 200 volts   800 watts; 600 watts; 400 watts
Output Power Resolution Compared to Setpoint - 500 to 1500 watts ±1 watt
Output Power Resolution Compared to Setpoint - 500 watts or less ± 0.5 watt
Output Voltage (steady state) 1000 volts maximum
Output Voltage (strike) 1000 volts maximum
Output Current (maximum) 4 A (1500 watts); 3 A (1000 watts); 2 A (500 watts)
Arc Detection Time < 100 nsecs (.1 µ secs)
Arc Energy < 1 mJ
Arc Detect Delay Time 0.1 to 6500 µ secs (adjustable)
Arc Out/Off Time 0 (no arc handling) or 32 to 65000 µ secs (adjustable)
Arc Rate Counter Yes
Arc Recovery Time Set points will be re-established < 200 µ secs after arc off time
Line Regulation > 99% (includes load and line variations over an arbitrary time interval) - aka < 1%
Load Regulation > 99% (includes load and line variations over an arbitrary time interval) -  aka < 1%
Power Ramping 0.001 to 65 seconds (adjustable)
Run Timer 0.1 to 6553 seconds (adjustable)
kWHr Counting Yes
kWHr Limit 0 (limit shutdown disabled) or 0.01 to 655 kWHr's
LED Display Accuracy 1%
Display Resolution 0.1 watt, 1 volt, 0.001 amp (1 milliamp)
Stored Target Information Stores parameter sets for targets that can be re-installed after exchange.  Saves P/V/I, ramp time, run time, arc detect delay, arc off time, kWhr's for 7 separate targets
Interlocks 1 each
Temperature Monitoring/Protection Yes.  “Fan on Demand” cooling with thermal shutdown protection.
Dimensions 48.3 cm/19" x 47.6 cm/18.75" x 4.44 cm/1.75" (1 U Rack Height)
Weight 8.2 kG/18 pounds
RS-232/Analog Interfaces Yes
DC Bias Operation Basic open circuit operation between 1000 volts to < 100 volts
Output Power Connector Female HN
Ordering Information Contact Factory or refer to Ion™ DC Magnetron Power Supplies Ordering Information


Complete Sputtering Packages

Polaris GEN II 2" & 3" Research Sputtering Sources
used in combination with the Ion™ 1500 allow performance
not possible with any other sputtering source & DC power
supply - for example:

  •  Sputter 1/4" [6,35 mm] thick Ni targets
  •  Deposit insulating films from metallic targets without the use of expensive power supplies in an essentially arc-damage free environment
  •  Achieve superior target utilization
  •  Apply virtually full rated output of power supply to source across broad pressure range
  •  Deposit very thin films at extremely low power levels








Blocking filters (required when the Ion™ DC Magnetron Power Supply
is used simultaneously with an RF Power Supply) and
switches that allow the sequential use of multiple sputtering
sources from a single power supply are available.






    DC Pass/RF Blocking Filter Installed on Output of Ion™ 1500



Power supply switches allow 1 each Ion™ DC Magnetron Power Supply
to be switched between 2,3, or 4 sputtering sources or for 2 each power
supplies (either 1 or 2 Ion™ DC Magnetron Power Supplies or RF power
generation system - can be one of each type) to be switched.  One input to
two outputs for each power supply.  Can be controlled from the users
system  controller or from a separate, stand-alone controller.





Two Power Supply Input, 4 Output (2 Outputs per Input) DC/RF Switch


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