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  Shown with 3" Polaris™ Adjustable Position
   Source with Tilt and Shutter





bullet500/1000/1500 Watt Low Cost Packages for Those With Limited Budgets Desiring Full Capability
bulletAdvanced Ion™ 1500 DC Magnetron Power Supply with Superior Arc Detection & Suppression  -  < 100 nsecs (.1 µ secs)
bullet2" & 3" Polaris™ Sputtering Sources in Many Configurations
bulletComplete - All Cables, Vacuum Hardware and Feedthroughs Included
bulletSputter 1/4" [6,35 mm] thick Ni targets
bulletDeposit insulating films from metallic targets without the use of expensive power supplies in an essentially arc-damage free environment
bulletAchieve superior target utilization
bulletApply virtually full rated output of power supply to source across broad pressure range
bulletDeposit very thin films at extremely low power levels



The Polaris™ packages feature the most advanced research sputtering sources and magnetron power supply available at an economical price.  Simply select the sputtering source from the wide variety of configurations offered and note the target mounting method to define the exact package desired.  Click here to examine your options.

Polaris™ sources provide industrial robustness and performance in a small package.  They can operate stably at low 10-4 Torr background pressures at very low power levels.  Conversely, because cooling water flow rates through the sources are nearly 2.5x that of competing sources, extremely high power levels can be achieved using directly water cooled targets during long process runs and pre-commercial development efforts.

The Ion™ DC Magnetron Power Supply is a full featured, advanced, software driven device - detecting and suppressing arcs in < 100 nsecs (.1 µ secs).  It has a wide 0-1000 volt range compared to 0-800 volts supply supplied by competitors allowing full rated power under nearly all conditions.  It is packaged in a compact, low profile 19" rack mount chassis.  Click here for more information.

An optional DC Pass/RF Blocking Filter is required tp protect the Ion™ DC Magnetron Power Supply if an RF power supply will be used to drive a second sputtering source or to provide substrate bias.

Everything required to install the Polaris™ internally mounted sputtering source into the users system and connect it to the Ion™ DC Magnetron Power Supply is supplied, including all necessary electrical, gas, rotary motion, vacuum hardware and an 8' long cable between the sputtering source and power supply.  A comprehensive documentation package is provided.  Other feedthrough arrangements and cable lengths are possible - please consult the factory.


Typical Polaris™ Sputtering Source Configurations

Fixed position, adjustable position, tilt, shutters and flange mounting assemblies are among the various configuration possibilities



Sputtering SourcePolaris™ GEN II Sputtering Source or Assembly
Target Size2" or 3" diameter
Feedthroughs & Mounting FlangesRefer to Polaris™ Interface Control Drawings
Ion™ DC Magnetron Power Supplies

Input Frequency50 - 60 Hz
Input Phase1 phase
Input Voltage85 - 275 VAC (lower VAC may limit output)
Input Current12 amps maximum
Power Factor> 0.98
Input Power Consumption1.75 kW
Output Power1500 watts; 1000 watts; 500 watts
Output Power @ 1000 volts1500 watts; 1000 watts; 500 watts
Output Power @ 500 volts1500 watts; 1000 watts; 500 watts
Output Power @ 200 volts 800 watts; 600 watts; 400 watts
Output Power Resolution Compared to Setpoint - 500 to 1500 watts±1 watt
Output Power Resolution Compared to Setpoint - 500 watts or less± 0.5 watt
Output Voltage (steady state)1000 volts maximum
Output Voltage (strike)1000 volts maximum
Output Current (maximum)4A (1500 watts); 3A (1000 watts); 2A (500 watts)
Arc Detection Time< 100 nsecs (.1 µ secs)
Arc Energy< 1 mJ
Arc Detect Delay Time0.1 to 6500 µ secs (adjustable)
Arc Out/Off Time0 (no arc handling) or 32 to 65000 µ secs (adjustable)
Arc Rate CounterYes
Arc Recovery TimeSet points will be re-established < 200 µ secs after arc off time
Line Regulation> 99% (includes load and line variations over an arbitrary time interval) - aka < 1%
Load Regulation> 99% (includes load and line variations over an arbitrary time interval) -  aka < 1%
Power Ramping0.001 to 65 seconds (adjustable)
Run Timer0.1 to 6553 seconds (adjustable)
kWHr CountingYes
kWHr Limit0 (limit shutdown disabled) or 0.01 to 655 kWHr's
LED Display Accuracy1%
Display Resolution0.1 watt, 1 volt, 0.001 amp (1 milliamp)
Stored Target InformationStores parameter sets for targets that can be re-installed after exchange.  Saves P/V/I, ramp time, run time, arc detect delay, arc off time, kWhr's for 7 separate targets
Interlocks1 each
Temperature Monitoring/ProtectionYes.  “Fan on Demand” cooling with thermal shutdown protection.
Dimensions48.3 cm/19" x 53.3 cm/21" x 4.44 cm/1.75" (1 U Rack Height)
Weight8.2 kG/18 pounds
RS-232/Analog InterfacesYes
DC Bias OperationBasic open circuit operation between 1000 volts to < 100 volts
Output Power ConnectorFemale HN
Ordering InformationContact factory or refer to Polaris™ Ordering Information for a complete list of possible packages.



DC Pass/RF Blocking Filter
and 12" long RG-8/U Cable

RF Filtering Range1 - 13.56 MHz
DC PassComplete
Dimensions - Click here for drawing16.51 cm x 8,89 cm x 7.62 cm (6.50" x 3.5" x 3")
Weight861 grams (1.9 pounds)
Ordering InformationContact Factory or refer to Ion™ 1500 Ordering Information



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