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1 July 2023
San Diego, CA


Materials Science, Inc. Relocates Corporate Headquarters, Ownership & Management Changes

 Materials Science, Inc. a supplier of sputtering sources, power supplies and related equipment is relocating its headquarters to its Colorado manufacturing location of several decades from San Diego, California as its founder John Miller retires. The transition begins in July, 2023.  Patrick Manley, is assuming management and ownership of the company, adding to his decades long role as Materials Science, Inc. manufacturing and engineering manager.  John will remain as an active advisor and consultant as needed as he fades off into the sunset.  The rest of the team remains.

 All of Materials Science customers and products, some dating to 1989, will continue to be supported without interruption.

 NSA Scientific, Inc. (Patrick Manley President) will assume the intellectual property, customer base and Materials Science, Inc. assets, but continue to operate under the dba Materials Science identity to maintain continuity.  The transition will be seamless and all contracts, warranties and purchase orders placed prior to July, 2023 will continue to be honored.  Individual customers will be notified of any specific legal and financial details that may change.

 The new, company contact information:

Patrick Manley
NSA Scientific, Inc.
dba Materials Science
2424 Summerlin Lane
Longmont, CO 80503
Tel: 720-938-0230
Email: sales@msi-pse.com

For More Information Contact: 

John R. Miller  
Materials Science, Inc.
1662 Los Altos Road
San Diego, CA 92109
Tel/Fax: (858) 483-3223
E-mail: jmiller@msi-pse.com
Web Site: www.msi-pse.com  

About Materials Science, Inc.:

Materials Science, Inc. is a privately held California Corporation founded in 1992.  The company manufactures magnetron sputtering sources and related products. Markets served include magnetic and optical storage media, semiconductor production, compound semiconductor devices, precision optics, decorative coatings, functional and wear purposes, flexible substrates, MEMS devices, flat panel displays, telecommunication devices, fiber optics and other applications.











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