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  GEN II  90mm Wide Linear Magnetron Sputtering Sources


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90mm x 381 mm Target.jpg (728956 bytes)    THE FIRST HIGH UTILIZATION, NARROW WIDTH SOURCE!

  • 40 wt% Target Utilization - 10mm /0.40" thick targets
  • Perfect for Sputtering Precious Metals
  • Virtually No Center Redeposition
  • Good Target Utilization Even at Very Low Power Levels
  • Stable Operation Across a Broad Pressure Range
  • Ideally suited for Small Vacuum Web Coaters - Distribution
    from Source More Easily Matched to Circumference of
    Chilled Drum.  Cantilevered Internal Mount Version
    Available with Utilities Fed Through End of Source for
    Mounting on Source Flange.
  • Cost-Effective Alternative to Small Rotatable Cylindrical
  • Same Construction Features, Performance & Benefits as
    all other SunSource GEN II™ Sources
  • Plasma Discharge is confined to region above target
    surface due to highly balanced magnetic design.  No
    strong stray electromagnetic fields that promote arcing,
    substrate damage and heating from electron & ion
    bombardment, and sputtering of the source itself.



Good Plasma_90mm-10.jpg (670339 bytes)

 2 mTorr                                           10 mTorr 

Good Plasma_90mm-20.jpg (351933 bytes)Good Plasma_90mm-40.jpg (357769 bytes)

 20 mTorr                                         40 mTorr

























Custom Flange Mounted 90mm Source


SunSource GEN II™ sources
consist of a basic sputtering 
module that can be integrated 
into a variety of source mounting
schemes.  External flange mount,
internal mount and retrofit
configurations are available with
a variety of feedthrough and
utility connection possibilities.






Internal Mount 90mm Source
with top and side anode shields installed.








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